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May 2024

Volunteers Invited for Giveducation's 2024 STEM Summer Camp at IDEA Lake Houston Middle School

May 2024

Giveducation Detroit won Miles Levin Award for Social Justice with $2,500 funding.

May 2024

Debate Made Accessible and Giveducation Collaborate to Provide Free Debate Lessons

March 2024

Giveducation Detroit Branch Hosted Spring Break STEM Camp in Troy, MI.

December, 2023

Giveducation expands to Detroit, Michigan.

November 2023

Giveducation accepts $2,000 from Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Houston's Community Fund.

October 2023

Giveducation Honored with Reward by KIPP Academy Middle School for Exceptional Service

September 2023

Enrollment Opens for Fall 2023 Semester by Giveducation and Princeton Learning Experience

September 2023

Giveducation's 2023: City Expansion, Congressional Recognition, Chevron Contribution, and New Partnerships

August 2023

Giveducation Founder Collaborates with AoPS for Free After-School Programs in FBISD Title 1 High Schools

July 2023

Giveducation's NinXia Branch Hosts Sponsored Summer Robotics Camp in China

June 2023

Giveducation's Philadelphia Branch to Host Summer Robotics Camp at Northeast Academy

May 2023

Volunteers Invited for Giveducation's 2023 STEM Summer Camp at Grissom Elementary School

April 2023

Giveducation Announces National Expansion Plans, Supported by Major Corporations

April 2023

Chevron Corporation Donates $5,000 to Giveducation for 2023 Summer STEM Camps

April 2023

Giveducation to Host 2023 STEM/Personal Finance Summer Camps for Students in Need

March 2023

Bank of America Corporation Funds Giveducation's 2023 Summer STEM Camps with $1,500 Donation

February 2023

Giveducation and John Locke Institution Partner for Scholarship Program for Prestigious Summer Courses

December 2022

Giveducation Opens Enrollment for 2023 Spring Semester Scholarship and Classes

November, 2022

Giveducation Completes 2022 Fall Semester with Partnerships and Diverse Course Offerings

October 2022

Giveducation Forms Inaugural Parent Committee to Enhance Student Services

August 2022

Princeton Learning Experience International School Joins Forces with Giveducation

July 2022

Art of Problem Solving Partners with Giveducation to Offer Premier Education Classes

June 2022

Melody Mentors and Giveducation Collaborate to Provide Free Music Lessons

May 2022

iCode School in Sugar Land Becomes New Partner for Giveducation's Scholarship Program

April 2022

Giveducation Invites Volunteers for 2022 STEM Summer Camp at KIPP Academy Middle School

March 2022

Giveducation and KIPP Academy Middle School to Host Free STEM Camp Sponsored by Dow Chemical

February 2022

Giveducation Scholarship Recipient Phebe Emmanuel Achieves in 2022 Scholastic Writing Contest

February 2022

Giveducation to Offer Free Summer STEM Camp at KIPP Academy Middle School

January 2022

Giveducation to Award 100 Scholarships for 2022 Summer Programs

December 2021

Dow Chemical Promise Fund Supports 2022 Giveducation Summer STEM Camps with $1,600 Donation

November 2021

Giveducation Earns Google for Non-Profits Accreditation

July 2021

SpiderSmart at Toronto Becomes Giveducation's First International Partner

June 2021

V2 Advancement Collaborates with Giveducation

May 2021

Phebe Emmanuel Receives Giveducation Scholarship for Poetry Writing Class

March 2021

SpiderSmart Sugar Land Becomes New Partner for Giveducation's Scholarship Program

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