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Our values and mission

What we know

Our Team

Our values

Giveducation envisions a world where every child can reach their full potential to fulfill their dreams through access to equal educational opportunities. We revolutionize the way to engage for-profit education service providers in the charity mission by efficiently utilizing their education resources.

Giveducation offers its merit-based scholarship to students from financial difficulty families. In return, they learn the subjects of their interests in after-school program classes and summer camps to make the steps for their bright future. Giveducation also unites volunteer groups to enlarge their service audience groups nationwide and internationally.

Our mission

Giveducation is a robust platform that connects students who face financial challenges with professional education service providers and volunteer groups that offer after-school and summer learning opportunities.

Giveducation establishes a training platform to foster avid young volunteers who share the same dream of ending educational inequality. We expand their vision and train their leadership character and ability.

Advisory Board

Jeffrey Blevins, Ph.D.

Instructor in English, The Hotchkiss School

Xiuli He, Ph.D.

Professor of Operations Management, UNC Charlotte, Belle College of Business

Ling Luo

Chairwoman, Asian Americans Leadership Council (AALC)

Kirk Cochran

Professor, Lone Star College (Houston, Texas)

Jesse Hu, M. ED. GSE, UPenn

Teacher, FBISD High School (Sugar Land, Texas)

Charles Li

Founder, V2 Admissions

Pamela Libra Cory, J.D.

Retired High School Teacher, Equity Facilitator

Edward Hu, M.B.A. MIT

Analyst, Evercore Partners

Kim Liu

Director, E3 Academics (Woodlands, Texas)

Toinette Tinker

Dean of Students, Westside High School

Sarah Turner

Teacher, St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School (Woodlands, Texas)

Victor Chang

Associate Director of Sugar Land SpiderSmart, Community Volunteer

Our Leadership Team

Benjamin Who

Founder, President

Chen Wang

Vice President. Staff Management

Anna Yi

V. P., Partner Outreach and Relations

Christina He

V. P., School Outreach and Relations

Sanskriti Manoharan

V. P., Education

Lewen Feng

Founder, Chapter at Detroit, MI

Erick Lu

Founder, Chapter at New York City, NY

Michael Zhang

Founder, Chapter at Ningxia, China.

Daniel Wang

Founder, Chapter at Philadelphia, PA

Amelia Xu

Co-Director, Partner Outreach and Relations

Jerry Zeng

Co-Director, Education

Abhiram Pavuluri

Co-Director, School Outreach and Relations

Edward Kang

Co-Director, Staff Management

Leetyan Chen

Co-Director, Partner Outreach and Relations

Melinda Dae

Co-Director, School Outreach and Relations

Elias Zhang

Co-Director, Education

Suhas Vemuri

Manager, Education

Alan Maynard

Manager, School Outreach and Relations

Charlotte Wang

Manager, Education

Angela Pierce

Manager, School Outreach and Relations

Travis Xiong

Manager, Education

Steffany Lu

Manager, Education

Linda Wan

Manager, Education

Sarah Levaro

Manager, School Outreach and Relations

Chelsea He

Manager, School Outreach and Relations

Kevin Wang

Manager, Education

Celina Liu

Manager, Education

Christina Wang

Manager, Education

Jerry Zhang

Manager, Partner Outreach and Relations

Teo Liu

Manager, Education

Ethan Gao

Manager, Staff Management

Edwin Gao

Manager, Education

Jake Maynard

Manager, Partner Outreach and Relations

Tegan Liu

Manager, Education

Luke Shen

Manager, Education

Kevin Xiong

Manager, Education

Johnathon Li

Manager, Partner Outreach and Relations

Eric Xu

Manager, Education

Charlotte Clague

Manager, School Outreach and Relations

Ethan Cai

Manager, Education

About Giveducation

Our Team

Summer slack hurts low income students.

During summer vacation, many students lose knowledge and skills. By the end of summer, students perform, on average, one month behind where they left off in the spring. Of course, not all students experience “average” losses — summer learning loss disproportionately affects low-income students. In 2010, President Obama noted, “Students are losing a lot of what they learn during the school year during the summer.”

After-school programs are critical.

A decade of research and evaluation studies, as well as large-scale, rigorously conducted syntheses looking across many research and evaluation studies, confirms that children and youth who participate in after school programs can reap a host of positive benefits in a number of interrelated outcome areas—academic, social/emotional, health, and wellness.

Learning centers, taking on a new role.

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, after-school and summer programs play an essential role in our country’s efforts to reopen and rebuild in partnership with youth, families, and the community because they provide safe, developmentally rich settings for learning and development, are seen as trusted partners by families and communities, and have connections to other supports and services that schools and families need.

There's an access problem.

In the U.S., more than 20 million children and youth under the age of 18 lack accessibility and affordability to after-school and summer programs. Research finds that although the demand for after-school and summer learning programs in communities of concentrated poverty is high, two out of three parents living in communities of concentrated poverty say that finding an enriching environment for their child after school was a challenge. Additionally, more than 6 in 10 parents living in communities of concentrated poverty report that the current economic conditions have made it difficult for them to afford placing their child in an after-school program.

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