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September 2023

Giveducation's 2023: City Expansion, Congressional Recognition, Chevron Contribution, and New Partnerships

Giveducation achieved significant milestones during the summer of 2023:

1. Expansion to New Cities: We have successfully extended our reach to four additional cities in both the United States and China. As a result, we now operate in four out of the six largest U.S. cities with high poverty populations.

2. Congressional Recognition: We are proud to have been awarded the Certificate of Congressional Recognition for our dedicated public service efforts in advocating for educational equality.

3. Generous Contribution: Chevron Corporation has graciously contributed $5,000 in charity funds to support our mission and initiatives.

4. Growing Partnerships: We are excited to announce that we have forged partnerships with 20 learning centers, which enables us to provide free classes to students in underserved communities who need them the most.

These accomplishments underscore our commitment to making a positive impact on education and addressing educational disparities. We are grateful for your ongoing support in helping us create a brighter future for all students.

Press Contact

Giveducation Media

(832) 757-9685

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